Scientific programming in Julia

Monday, November 23
9 am–5 pm Pacific Time

The format for this course will be a combination of interactive Zoom sessions and reading material.
Course materials will be added here shortly before the start of the school.

Instructor: Marie-Hélène Burle (WestGrid)

Prerequisites: None.

Software: All attendees will need a remote secure shell (SSH) client installed on their computer. On Windows we recommend the free Home Edition of MobaXterm. On Mac and Linux computers SSH is usually pre-installed (try typing ssh in a terminal to make sure it is there).

Zoom   9–9:30 am Pacific Time
Introduction to the course & cluster access

On your own
Why another programming language?
(Optional) Local installation
The Julia REPL

Zoom   11 am–1 pm Pacific Time
Questions so far
Julia basics

On your own
HPC with Julia: a short introduction

Zoom   2:30 pm–4:30 pm Pacific Time
HPC with Julia: the n-body problem as an example
Final questions